Furniture & Cabinetmaking

Issue 278 December 2018

Featured as part of a review of the Evolution of Tradition exhibition

Evening Standard Homes & Property

'Five things to see in August'. 1st August 2018

Aesculus cabinet included in preview article about the CCD Cheltenham exhibition



'Materials Innovators: Top 10 Graduates'. Inspiration 2018

Piper collection surface materials featured


Austin Friar Yearbook

Furniture Makers' Company 2018 Yearbook

Sika Bespoke Guild Mark award featured

Aesthetica Magazine

Artists' Directory

Issue #83 June/July 2018

Images of Sika and Aesculus included

The High End.jpg

The High End

'Furniture Artists'

Luxury Property Magazine in the USA December 2017

The 'Aesculus' cabinet was featured as one of five pieces of art furniture

Furniture & Cabinetmaking

'Deconstructing the Sika console table'

Issue 262 October 2017

6-page feature article covering the joinery techniques used on the Sika console table