'hubble’ side table

Featuring an evolution of the Piper surface material with a pattern fade from centre to perimeter, invoking a sense of the infinite expansion of the universe from everything into nothing.

Hubble \ˈhʌbəl\ noun

Edwin Powell Hubble, US astronomer who was pivotal in proving that the universe is expanding. Most famous for the space telescope, named in his honour, in low earth orbit which photographed a field of star-forming galaxies located approximately 11 billion light-years away from Earth.

Laurent Peacock-02.jpg

With the initial Piper collection, I focused on simple rectilinear timber joinery which can be crafted relatively economically in small batches. With Hubble, I wanted to explore ideas for incorporating the Piper materials in a different way, without the need to frame the top surface.

Producing the circular top was a challenge in many respects and required a number of manufacturing stages, but the centre-out fade, reminiscent of a galaxy of stars, adds a layer of intrigue as to what might lie beneath or beyond.

The shapes of the traditional English walnut joinery base and simple brass supports speak the language of moon landers and rudimentary satellites, with the classic materials and colour palettes lending a sophisticated feel to a contemporary surface.