the PIPER collection

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Piper is a new collection of occasional tables and homewares featuring an award-winning exclusive surface material handcrafted from whole peppercorns and resin, suspended within simple, rectilinear hardwood joinery with artisanal detailing.

Reminiscent of the pattern found on Shagreen - decorative stingray leather often used in high-end furniture making - the piper surface brings the traditional look up to date, with clean contemporary styling, a neutral, complementary colour palette, and no stingrays harmed.

Available in a range of sizes, timbers and surface colours.



A small, high table designed to make use of those nooks and crannies around the home, or as a pair to book-end a fireplace, doorway or other architectural feature.

Display a plant, vase or small sculpture; support a speaker; cradle a small bowl for keys and other small items. 



A mid-sized surface, at a height typically level with the arms of a sofa or armchair.

Use either side of the sofa for a convenient place to rest a drink or book, or on which to place a reading lamp or decorative items.




A larger surface at classic coffee table height.

Perfect for displaying your favourite design and photography hardback tomes or supporting drinks and nibbles whilst entertaining friends.

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A circular mirror with a wide frame made of the piper surface material. Make your room feel larger and brighter, provide a convenient way to check your hair on the way out of the house, or bring visual intrigue to that awkward wall you've long wondered what to do with.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, with a selection of mirror tints. The example shown here has a slight bronze tint.