'cloven' candlesticks

If a deer were to lift a candle in the cleft of its hoof...


ˈkləʊv(ə)n/  Adjective. Split or divided in two


Candlesticks 9.jpg

Hand crafted from rippled sycamore and laminated silky oak veneer, with turned copper collars, this pair of candlesticks shares both materials and design language with the Sika console table: the angled form; the sharp join lines; the blend of smooth curves and crisp facets; the sandwich of solid wood and laminated veneers.

Separately or as a pair, together or spaced apart, the candlesticks can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations, revealing different angles and curves from each viewpoint. Tapered candles can either be slotted and suspended through the collar or inserted more conventionally from above. The base of each candlestick is lead-weighted for stability and leather-covered to protect fine surfaces.